In our dynamic world, where everyone is very busy and lives in high stress, more and more people are in sub-health but didn’t realized. Chronic dieases, like cardiovascnlar and cerebrovascular diseasesdiseases (high blood pressure,heart disease,etc), endocrine disease(diabetes), psychological illnesses(depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, etc) and strain and stiffness of muscle, become more and more common. Our programs aim to improve people’s wellness physically and mentally. We sincerely hope Chinese ancient healing method and Chinese traditional philosophy will bring wellness and wisdom to all people.

Suitable People

  • People who want to get wellness, prevent from sub-health and be energetic from inner body(get inner “chi”).
  • People who want to be away from work temporarily or people who want get out of loss in mind, to be relax, peaceful.
  • People who want to get rid of bad habbits (smoking, drinking alcohol), detox, and develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • People who are interested in Chinese Traditional Culture, Taoism and Chinese Traditional Medicine.

Our Courses

Apart from Medical condition, living condition and genetic factor, exercise and emotion play very important roles on keeping fitness, healing from disease, detox and getting longevity. Chinese traditional retreat method mainly involves Taoism retreat and Chinese traditional medicine retreat. Here we teach Taoism Qigong and Daoism philosophy as Taoism retreat.We teach cupping,moxibustion and herbs as Chinese traditional medicine retreat. In recent years, Taiji Quan is becoming more and more popular for wellness.Our programs mainly center on how to get wellness by training Taiji Quan, Qigong and Chinese traditional medicine.

21 days wellness and detoxing course:Qigong, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Meditation
Content of CourseOpening timePrice
1. Theory lesson:
Core Conception of Chinese traditional culture.
Chinese traditional Medicine theory
Qigong and Medicine combination theory
Meridian theory
2. Practice Courses:
1.) Qigong training
Daoism Jingang Babu Gong
Standing Pile
The method of “CHI” running
2) CTM practice
Chinese cupping, moxibustion and massage
outdoor herb gathering
The 1st to 21st of April, June,August and October of every year.989USD
21 days wellness and detoxing course:Taiji Quan, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Meditation
Content of CourseOpening timePrice
1. Theory courses
Core Conception of Chinese traditional culture.
Taiji Quan theory
Chinese traditional Medicine theory
Meridian theory
Taiji Quan and medicine theory
2. Practice courses
1).Taiji Quan Training
Taiji Basics(includes taiji basic move and Push hands)
Taiji Yang style 24(explain moves in details, and explain application)
2). CTM practice
Chinese cupping, moxibustion and massage
outdoor herb gathering

The 1st to 21st of March to October of every year.989USD


1. Please book the course at least 25 days before our course start.

2. The spot of our course is limited. 3 minimum and 10 maximum. Please contact to confirm availability before booking.

3. Please bring your latest medical report for people who have chronic disease, such as hypertension and debates and contact us in advance.

4. We only offer vegetarian food for the people who apply this course.


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How does Taoism work on Healing?

There are two main development stage of Daoism. The first stage, Lao-zi put Taoism philosophy forward based on Yin-yang theory in around 550BC, we called it “Dao jia si xiang” in chinese, which means “The thoughts of Tao Family”. For just the Chinese traditional healing, the thought of tao family gave people instruction on mind, mind affect the way of thinking, the way of thinking affect emotion, emotion affect health. It is the most traditional Chinese philosophy that influences Chinese mind and the way of thinking. The main conception of Taoism philosophy is “Tao(“Dao” in Chinese)”, which means the development of everything(nature or universe)should follow the natural rules, do not fight against nature rule. People and universe should become one, and also as soft, as tolerant, as peaceful as water, but also as powerful as water. Taoism educated people to be patient, and peaceful when life go down, as this is the period of cultivating and saving energy. The life will goes up as long as you save enough energy for it, as Ying-yang always keeps changing.

The second stage, In Han dynasty, based on Laozi Taoism philosophy and Chinese traditional religion, “dao jiao” arise. Dao Jiao(means Dao religion in Chinese) is based on Daoism but it inclined to religion. Becoming immortal is the best wish of old stylites. Taoist search different ways to become immortal, They use Daoism Medicine, They do Qigong to cultivate internal chi to make the body strong and make mind peaceful, they do Kungfu. As we all know, it’s unrealistic to become immortal carnally, but The Taoists get fitness and longevity indeed on the way to pursue immortal.

In a word, the second stage developed based on the first stage. The first stage, ‘’Dao Jia”(means Dao family literally) is the philosophy about the universe, nature and people. The second stage, ‘dao jiao’, inclined to religion and the method of become immortal. In addition, Daoism(Daojiao) give instruction on the method of how to get health and longevity.

How does Chinese traditional medicine work on healing?

Same with other Chinese traditional culture, Chinese traditional also base on Ying-yang theory and Five elements theory, which reveal the rules that the universe run and developed. The essence of Ying-yang theory is the “changes” between different things or different aspects of same thing. Five elements mutually promote and reinforce. We can predict the hidden risks in your body by the running rules of Ying-yang and five elements, so Chinese medicine works very well on preventing disease.

We use herbs to treat disease in Traditional Chinese medicine. There is not so much side-affects if you use herbs in right way. As we all know, a lot of disease come from improper medicine use and the medical poison rather than itself. Some herbs works as medicine if you know the recipe. Some herbs can just works as tea for normal drink or for prevent disease, it’s harmless. Some herb can used as normal vegetable.

Drop us a message if you have questions on courses

Apply now and go on a fantastic journey to do a life-changing training in China!

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