Waled Bahssen

Waled from Norway

One of my dream since I was teenage to go to China to learn reel Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine, I got all what I want when I came to Tianmeng school. I came to the school without any martial arts background, and I was not in a good level of fitness, my goal was to increase my flexibility and condition, after 3 months of training I can run 3km, I have learned 2 Tai chi form, I can break brick by bare hand and elbow, break stick in my back and arm, can break the metal in my head, learn some grappling techniques, and what is the most amazing thing that I can to do the full split!!
Shifu Shao is nice person, have a good humor but at the same time he is strict during the training, he knows when to push you beyond your limit, I like the environment by the school all the staffs are kind and helpful. I will definitely come back again to learn more.

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