Ruben Blommaert from the Netherlands

Ruben from the Netherlands

I have always been fond of martial arts. It is a good way to release your energy, gain physical and mental strength and it just look bad-ass. Even though there’s big variety of martial arts and so much to choose from, the most interesting and the most known in my eyes is Kung-Fu.

After deciding I wanted to learn Kung-Fu in China I searched on the Internet for a while, and asked a lot of people what their opinion was and what they preferred. Eventually I found a good looking and well represented school: Tashan Chinese Traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy.

I arrived there on the 25th of October 2012 and planned to stay there for 2 months. I arrived in Linyi and was brought to a remote village in the mountains; the perfect picture to learn Kung-Fu. The people that were there at the moment were brilliant. They were awesome, you can’t think of better Kung-Fu partners. They’d help you if you had ANY trouble, they’d make sure you had the time of your life and the fun you could have with those guys… unexplainable.

We had 2 teachers, also known as the Shifu’s. They were both ex-shaolin monks and relatively young in age. The training was strict and demanding! However both of the Shifu’s were able to make the hard training fun and different each time. They were both very talented and they taught me A LOT. And they’d make sure everything would be to the students expectations. Great teachers and great friends.

As I said, I stayed there two months. In the beginning it was difficult but with the good help it became easier with the day (except that effing stretching, I swear to God..) and it became even more fun. It did take a couple of days to get used to the Kung-Fu rhythm but it worked out well.

Eventually it was my time to go. I loved it there and will definitely come back in the future. If you really want to have a good time and in the same time learn real bad-ass Kung-Fu from 2 crazy Shaolin Monks, I’d definitely choose this school. You will certainly not regret it.

Thank you again for those awesome months.

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