Riccardo From Italy

Riccardo from Italy

I’m Riccardo from Italy, I’ve been here for 1 month. In this period I learned 2 drunken fist forms, 1 taijiquan form, 1 meihuaquan form and 1 huaquan form, I’ve also practiced qigong and hard qigong. I think the school is the Perfect place for training, the masters are really qualified and they want the student do their best but also known that different students have different limits and the training is personalized for every single student.

All the staff and the masters are really friendly and it’s been a great pleasure for me live 1 month with them. The accommodation is very good and you have everything you need…hot water, washing machine, wifi, fan, air conditioning…the school has also 2 training rooms and a large assortment of weapons and all the tools you need to practice sanda or sparring with other students.

In the evenings there are interesting lessons about Chinese culture, mandarin, acupuncture and calligraphy. You can spend your free time visiting the water park near the school or going to the nearest city Linyi, if you want to travel in other big city in China you can ask to the staff (they booking for me an hotel and the train ticket for a travel in Beijing). I think I will never forget this experience and if I will have a chance I will surely come back in this amazing place.

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