rafael from brazil

Rafael from Brazil

My name is Rafael, I am 24 and I am from Brazil. I spent one month in Tianmeng Academy. I felt like I was at home. The atmosphere is really friendly. The dorms and facilities are clean and comfortable. The place is simple but cozy. All the staff are great and supportive. Liu Sifu is a great Master and teach very well. In this month, I`ve learned 2 forms of Shaolin, 1 broadsword form, Wing Chun, Tai Chi 24 form, Qi Gong and a little bit of Bagua.

David is really helpful. Everything you need, he provides it. He is an awesome person. And Emily, our translator, is very kind and she helps us in everything.

The meals are simple but pretty good. The chef makes fresh and tasty food. She is awesome and she really cares about us. She is ever asking if everything is good. I`ll miss her dumplings and noodles.

Finally, I can say that I`ll miss this place and everyone in here. This month I`ll never forget. And probably I`ll be back next year.

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