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Olaoluwakitan from UK

I live in the United Kingdom. I spent 10 days in the Tianmeng academy which is near Linyi. David met me at the airport and escorted me on the two hour car journey to the academy. The staff were friendly and supportive. As I arrived on a Friday, and given that there are no classes on the weekend, an additional half day session was arranged for me with the Shifu.
The training itself consists primarily of learning forms, with lots of stretching: static passive and dynamic. We train in the academy itself or in the nearby water park.
The students venture out of the academy on the weekends to one of the nearby towns or to Linyi itself. The students consist of a mix of nationalities and personalities. Experience and interest in Kung Fu vary, but you are likely to find others with a similar mindset.
Overall, a unique experience in a rarely visited part of Linyi, and an opportunity to gain some exposure to Kung Fu. Certainly, a very different holiday experience!

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