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Nadja from Germany

My name is Nadja, I was happy to practice Kung Fu in Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy more than 2 month; this is really a great place to stay. The Academy is special because of the friendly atmosphere and a pleasant natural environment. I have got a Chinese grandmother, my sister lives in China so I have spend a lot of time in this country visiting different martial arts schools before I found the right place – Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy. First day when you arrive here, you feel at home. The dorms and all the facilities of the Academy are convenient, clean and comfortable. There are really big martial arts schools, with over then 900 students. Decuples usually have a hard life in such places, because of the bad food quality, air, water and crowded dorms. I really enjoyed staying in a nice single room with a window. We have got two big training rooms for practicing during the raining time; soon the new roof is going to be build and one terrace for practicing under the roof. Concerning practicing Kung Fu, I liked the way of teaching of our two masters. In another schools Masters normally do not teach students, very yang instructors do that. We have got two masters and they normally teach the group of 15 till 20 students. Every student gets an individual plan for practicing based on his/her wishes, body condition and a previous training experience. I am a student of Liu Sifu, who is a great master, regular takes part in the competitions and is able to teach students in every Kung Fu style. It was important for me because, I wanted to learn Wudang Tai Chi which is really seldom in Shaolin. During the training students have no difficulties to understand masters because we have got a great translator in the school, his name is Dodo, and soon we will have a second female translator. Dodo is not only a translator, but also our ”Magic Box”, helping with every question, especially concerning internet, online shopping, telephone cards, booking tickets. Being able to communicate in Chinese, I know the difficulties of translator’s “life”, so anybody who says that he could do his job better should try to translate from Chinese local language into English and have fun. Concerning meals in the Academy, they are pretty good; kooks make fresh and a healthy food with a lot of rice, vegetables and tofu three times a day. We have got a great new kook, who will make traditional dumplings twice a week, so that everybody can enjoy the delicious Chinese food. Individual diets are accepted, for me as a vegetarian it was very important.

Well, we cannot compare European living standards with Chinese, and I think we should not do so, because we come to China to learn traditional Chinese culture and martial arts. Everybody who is looking for a great Kung Fu experience and would like to engage his/her health is warmly welcome to join our Kung Fu family.

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