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Luciano from Brazil

I´ve spent two months at the academy and I had a really good time there. I will not say what´s is good and what´s is bad about the academy because everyone has it´s on opinion, I will just say what my impressions about this two months are:

First of all if you have decided to come all the way to China to learn Kung Fu do not expect a five starts hotel. The place is simple but nice and cozy. I felt like home here. The food is simple but nutritious with a lot of vegetables. If you feel you need more protein than what is offered you should bring your own. The rooms are nice, clean and comfortable and the training rooms enough for your development.

One thing to keep in mind is: you are here for training. Everything you need to develop your body and mind you will find here. The masters (sifus) are really good and wherever you have questions during the training they will help you.

Also, there are people from all around the word so you will not only learn Kung Fu but a little bit of every country.

Before you decide to come to the academy set your mind for training and for success, but there is no success without pain and hard work (that is why Kung Fu means work hard), do not expect to become “Bruce Lee” in a few months, but if you push yourself you will for sure overcome your own limits.

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