0M5A3887 副本

Imran Jimmy Ahmad from Ireland

Before I go too deep on my pros and cons one must question as to why they want this sort of adventure. That is what it is, limitless potential if that is what you seek. Confused with life in the fast lane? Lost a bit of yourself somewhere and looking to rebuild? Interested in a defense and power combo all in one? Then do what your heart might be telling you because this trip is guaranteed to provide…. Willing that you adapt to environment, culture and inner focus. Take the bull by the horns and use every second to fuel the fire with Qi Gong, Conditioning and whatever else is thrown at you.
I came with no clue, I left knowing my strength. Now fear no external threats, except failure. Simply because I made this the changing point, anybody is capable. I would advise this greatly. Staff are great, very friendly, strong with their culture and they deserve the chance to learn about our way of life. Important to be independent and open to others who are like minded and enthusiastic. Go for it!!!

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