Eduardo from Mexico

I am a student from Mexico, I was 40 days at the Academy and I personally can express the Academy is situated in a wonderful and peaceful place surround by hills and mountains, all nature around, a perfect place to live the experience of kung fu which is the perfect match of Chinese culture. Our shifus were absolutely skillful, experienced, good teachers, but above all very friendly and humble. It is well taught, kung fu of Chinese traditional martial arts are not used to create violence or brawling but to strengthen your body, your mind, your spirit and improve your health.
This is not a temple, is a school in order to experience the traditional kung fu as in ancient China was practiced. We had two excellent translators who helped us in everything, excellent friends, attitude and hospitality, willing to make our lives much easier.
The training is flexible and you have the liberty to choose which style you want to learn or develop plus you set some information from Chinese culture, medicine, Buddhism, Mandarin, etc.

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