Chris from Holland

Chris from the Netherlands

I wanted a place where I could invest some time in myself and in the meantime work on my health And fitness.And a friend of mine who knew I had an interest in martial arts advised me to have a look at On this site I found the Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, which really looked authentic to me at a very reasonable price. I booked for a month and I am very happy that I did. All the people I have met are very kind and understanding.

One of the hardest things in China is communication, this school provided 2 very kind and talented translators who are very willing to help you with anything. All the teachers are very understanding as they meet people from different cultures and statuses and no one will push you to do anything if you are not comfortable with it. I was at that time the oldest student with no kung fu experience at all, but I never felt in any way.the teachers(shi fu) really try to make a program for you that is suitable for beginners.

In the period I have been here I learned to understand Chinese culture much better,got in better shape,learned basic wingchun,1 shaolin form,and above all I had a great time doing it. I am someone who is used in doing whatever I like to do, here you do it as well but in a structured way according to school schedule and regulations. I recommended this school for adventurous martial arts lovers who are willing to learn and are able to adjust to the Asian standards.

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