Basia from Netherlands

I have stayed at Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy for three months from April 15 2013. It was a beautiful experience and I am very happy to have chosen to stay at this school in particular. I felt comfortable living there and the people were very friendly and helpful to me. We were with a small group of students and together with the people from the school it felt like a family. The school is situated at the country side, next to the mountains, which makes it a perfect place to train.

The two teachers are incredibly skilled and have a personal approach. They keep in mind the students wishes and their level. The training was good, it was varied and they taught a lot of different styles and forms. I had never practiced Kung Fu before and I noticed that I have made a great improvement within three months. It felt good to train that many hours a week and to be totally focused on Kung Fu. Besides training, I also have learned about Kung Fu and the Chinese culture and language. I experienced that Kung Fu is, as they say, a life style.

I enjoyed my stay and training a lot and it was nice to meet such lovely and interesting people. I will continue practicing Kung Fu and I hope I will be able to come back to the school again one day.

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