Alice from Germany

I had a short, but very impressive time at the Tianmeng Shaolin academy. My experience was that David and the Masters were very endeavored to respond to the personal needs and interests of their students.

During an introductive conversation we talked about my aims and wishes and the kind of Martial Arts I want to learn. But besides learning different Kung Fu styles we also had the opportunity to get an insight into the Chinese tradition, e.g. Chinese tea culture. Wang Shifu is very versed in traditional Chinese medicine and taught me basic knowledge about acupressure and acupuncture, whereas Shao Shifu taught me one Tai Chi form within one week.

Both Masters are passionate, but patient and very warmhearted, creating an encouraging learning atmosphere. Uncle Wang, the cook, took great care of our gustatory needs and cooked healthy meals with rice and vegetable variations not too oily as typical for China. Overall, it was a very enriching experience which trained body and mind.

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