David from UK

I arrived on 25/03/17 and was unsure of exactly what to expect. I was instantly put at ease – the staff and students I met were friendly and helpful, and I felt like I’d made a good choice. Initially I had booked to stay for a month but ended up staying 2 months, and would have stayed longer if I could! The school is in a beautiful rural location, and has all the necessary amenities.

The Sifus are very knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. If you put the work in and train hard, the more you will benefit. I learnt more than I had expected, including several forms, weapons, and some Plum Blossom Fist. The daily schedule is well laid out and includes various forms of training, including weights, cardio, stretching etc.

I made some amazing friends here, learnt loads, and left feeling fitter, stronger, and more flexible. I enjoyed it so much I am looking to return later in the year!


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Ruben Blommaert from the Netherlands

Ruben from the Netherlands

I have always been fond of martial arts. It is a good way to release your energy, gain physical and mental strength and it just look bad-ass. Even though there’s big variety of martial arts and so much to choose from, the most interesting and the most known in my eyes is Kung-Fu.

After deciding I wanted to learn Kung-Fu in China I searched on the Internet for a while, and asked a lot of people what their opinion was and what they preferred. Eventually I found a good looking and well represented school: Tashan Chinese Traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu Academy.

I arrived there on the 25th of October 2012 and planned to stay there for 2 months. I arrived in Linyi and was brought to a remote village in the mountains; the perfect picture to learn Kung-Fu. The people that were there at the moment were brilliant. They were awesome, you can’t think of better Kung-Fu partners. They’d help you if you had ANY trouble, they’d make sure you had the time of your life and the fun you could have with those guys… unexplainable.

We had 2 teachers, also known as the Shifu’s. They were both ex-shaolin monks and relatively young in age. The training was strict and demanding! However both of the Shifu’s were able to make the hard training fun and different each time. They were both very talented and they taught me A LOT. And they’d make sure everything would be to the students expectations. Great teachers and great friends.

As I said, I stayed there two months. In the beginning it was difficult but with the good help it became easier with the day (except that effing stretching, I swear to God..) and it became even more fun. It did take a couple of days to get used to the Kung-Fu rhythm but it worked out well.

Eventually it was my time to go. I loved it there and will definitely come back in the future. If you really want to have a good time and in the same time learn real bad-ass Kung-Fu from 2 crazy Shaolin Monks, I’d definitely choose this school. You will certainly not regret it.

Thank you again for those awesome months.

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Marco from Italy

I trained in Tianmeng Shaolin Academy for 3 months from April 3, 2013. I liked so much the training, all masters are very qualified, they help me so much, every day they train me for enough time to improve a lot day by day. My kung fu skills improve a lot in that 3 months there, i learn a lot of taolu very well and i’m very happy to did this kung fu experience.

Se qualche italiano ha domande a riguardo puo contattarmi senza problemi: (marco.fiorentale@gmail.com)

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Basia from Netherlands

I have stayed at Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy for three months from April 15 2013. It was a beautiful experience and I am very happy to have chosen to stay at this school in particular. I felt comfortable living there and the people were very friendly and helpful to me. We were with a small group of students and together with the people from the school it felt like a family. The school is situated at the country side, next to the mountains, which makes it a perfect place to train.

The two teachers are incredibly skilled and have a personal approach. They keep in mind the students wishes and their level. The training was good, it was varied and they taught a lot of different styles and forms. I had never practiced Kung Fu before and I noticed that I have made a great improvement within three months. It felt good to train that many hours a week and to be totally focused on Kung Fu. Besides training, I also have learned about Kung Fu and the Chinese culture and language. I experienced that Kung Fu is, as they say, a life style.

I enjoyed my stay and training a lot and it was nice to meet such lovely and interesting people. I will continue practicing Kung Fu and I hope I will be able to come back to the school again one day.

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Leon de Keller from Switzerland

Leon from Switzerland

It’s wonderful looking back at those memories of me, a 16 year old “man” arrive in such a huge country by myself. as i got out at Linyi airport, Dawei was already waiting for me… we spend 2 hours on car driving to the place which i would call “home” for the next 2 months. As i got out of the car it was already pitch black and you basically could not see a thing.

Dawei showed me around the school, making me feel welcome, but the feeling of being so far away from anyone that i know, struck me quite bad, but i did not care to much as i knew it would be an amazing experience.the next the day i woke up, and i found myself in the middle of this amazing and exciting mountainous landscape, which i thought of being ideal to train traditional Kung-fu.

The next couple of minutes, master presented himself as well as Han Shifu, and of course all the other pupils which were already there. From that day on I considered myself as part of the tashan academy family. throughout the 2 months i was faced by difficult challenges like mountain climbing ,training on poles, shoalin form training and physical training. but as the days went by the training became better as i was starting to get used to the climate (very hot) and to the different type of training.Both of the Shifu Made the training in these two months very exciting and hard, but i knew that i would get a promising result. But a thing you have to keep in mind is, its not all about training…

i got to know the chinese language a bit better, i learned traditional chienes medicine methods and put them into practice, and learned more about the fascinating theory behind the real kung-fu. we trained about 6-8 hours a day, were we changed the style of kung fu we were practicing. At the end of my trip i found myself knowing tai chi, qigong, shaolin kung fu, meihuaquan kung fu, wing chun, sanda… but my favourite types of kung fu will always be shoalin, sanda and choy lee fut kungfu.

I would like to advise the new students, that the food in china will be very different from the food in eastern countries… the food was very tasteful and delicious, especially the homemade dunplings. but,to be honest, i did not pay to get amazing food, i went there to train as much as possible, and i achieved my goal by learning 8 forms of different styles, learned how to fight at mid-range with sand, and learned how to fight at close range with wing chun.

All together i thought my trip was amazing as i thought of being in another world. i advise for every person to do this experience for themselves, it does not matter if you know or do not know any type of kung fu, but what counts is that you go prepared and with the right mentality. I hope for you all that you will find what you look for in traditional kung fu, and for me tashan school is the best place to start a martial art journey like mine.

I will come back next year with my father in the summer holiday. At that time I will see my shifus and old friends again.

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Ben from Germany

The school is situated in the mountains, near a village and there is no pollution at all. In the vicinity there are many terraces used for agriculture, which is a beautiful sight. The training was harder than I imagined and its quality is very good, as all the masters are experts in their arts.In the evenings, there are cultural classes such as Mandarin, Calligraphy, and acupuncture.

These are really interesting and Shuaicheng, who is also the manager, is an excellent and patient teacher as well. Shuaicheng makes sure you have everything you need. Shushu, the cook, is another great host and his meals are both tasty and healthy. There is a small restaurant down the road operated by a very nice family. I can really recommend going there for dinner at the weekends. This school is a very hospitable place.

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Jason Fury

Jason from Australia

I was at Tianmeng Academy for two and a half months training with Shifu Shao. I was originally unsure of what to expect and had almost no expectations other than knowing it was going to be difficult and I was going to try as hard as I could to learn a lot of Shaolin KungFu.
The school itself is quite comfortable, I was there in the middle of winter so it was freezing the whole time I was there but the school itself is really good. I particularly like that I had my own room. I have not visited any other kung fu school so I don´t have any comparison but I think the facilities at Tianmeng are really good. They have several training rooms and a large assortment of weapons. Since I left they´ve also built an outdoor sanda facility which looks pretty good. They also teach Chinese calligraphy, acupuncture, language and a few other skills.
I was training in winter, which is the low season for them which meant that I rarely had anyone to spar with. I did however manage to learn several forms and gain a heap of fitness. Shifu Shao will push you as hard (sometimes harder) than you want to be pushed and the fitness will come very quickly. I have made a video of my experience, although it misses a lot of the good stuff. Shifu Shao is an awesome coach/trainer and I would recommend him to everyone, I will come back to Tianmeng in the future (definitely in summer) !

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Imran Jimmy Ahmad from Ireland

Before I go too deep on my pros and cons one must question as to why they want this sort of adventure. That is what it is, limitless potential if that is what you seek. Confused with life in the fast lane? Lost a bit of yourself somewhere and looking to rebuild? Interested in a defense and power combo all in one? Then do what your heart might be telling you because this trip is guaranteed to provide…. Willing that you adapt to environment, culture and inner focus. Take the bull by the horns and use every second to fuel the fire with Qi Gong, Conditioning and whatever else is thrown at you.
I came with no clue, I left knowing my strength. Now fear no external threats, except failure. Simply because I made this the changing point, anybody is capable. I would advise this greatly. Staff are great, very friendly, strong with their culture and they deserve the chance to learn about our way of life. Important to be independent and open to others who are like minded and enthusiastic. Go for it!!!

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Luciano from Brazil

I´ve spent two months at the academy and I had a really good time there. I will not say what´s is good and what´s is bad about the academy because everyone has it´s on opinion, I will just say what my impressions about this two months are:

First of all if you have decided to come all the way to China to learn Kung Fu do not expect a five starts hotel. The place is simple but nice and cozy. I felt like home here. The food is simple but nutritious with a lot of vegetables. If you feel you need more protein than what is offered you should bring your own. The rooms are nice, clean and comfortable and the training rooms enough for your development.

One thing to keep in mind is: you are here for training. Everything you need to develop your body and mind you will find here. The masters (sifus) are really good and wherever you have questions during the training they will help you.

Also, there are people from all around the word so you will not only learn Kung Fu but a little bit of every country.

Before you decide to come to the academy set your mind for training and for success, but there is no success without pain and hard work (that is why Kung Fu means work hard), do not expect to become “Bruce Lee” in a few months, but if you push yourself you will for sure overcome your own limits.

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Nadja from Germany

My name is Nadja, I was happy to practice Kung Fu in Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy more than 2 month; this is really a great place to stay. The Academy is special because of the friendly atmosphere and a pleasant natural environment. I have got a Chinese grandmother, my sister lives in China so I have spend a lot of time in this country visiting different martial arts schools before I found the right place – Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy. First day when you arrive here, you feel at home. The dorms and all the facilities of the Academy are convenient, clean and comfortable. There are really big martial arts schools, with over then 900 students. Decuples usually have a hard life in such places, because of the bad food quality, air, water and crowded dorms. I really enjoyed staying in a nice single room with a window. We have got two big training rooms for practicing during the raining time; soon the new roof is going to be build and one terrace for practicing under the roof. Concerning practicing Kung Fu, I liked the way of teaching of our two masters. In another schools Masters normally do not teach students, very yang instructors do that. We have got two masters and they normally teach the group of 15 till 20 students. Every student gets an individual plan for practicing based on his/her wishes, body condition and a previous training experience. I am a student of Liu Sifu, who is a great master, regular takes part in the competitions and is able to teach students in every Kung Fu style. It was important for me because, I wanted to learn Wudang Tai Chi which is really seldom in Shaolin. During the training students have no difficulties to understand masters because we have got a great translator in the school, his name is Dodo, and soon we will have a second female translator. Dodo is not only a translator, but also our ”Magic Box”, helping with every question, especially concerning internet, online shopping, telephone cards, booking tickets. Being able to communicate in Chinese, I know the difficulties of translator’s “life”, so anybody who says that he could do his job better should try to translate from Chinese local language into English and have fun. Concerning meals in the Academy, they are pretty good; kooks make fresh and a healthy food with a lot of rice, vegetables and tofu three times a day. We have got a great new kook, who will make traditional dumplings twice a week, so that everybody can enjoy the delicious Chinese food. Individual diets are accepted, for me as a vegetarian it was very important.

Well, we cannot compare European living standards with Chinese, and I think we should not do so, because we come to China to learn traditional Chinese culture and martial arts. Everybody who is looking for a great Kung Fu experience and would like to engage his/her health is warmly welcome to join our Kung Fu family.

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