Alwin Dittrich from Germany

Alwin from Germany

I came here to get a little flexible, earn stamina and get some new moves. I reach all my goals. The Masters are good and teach you every style you want. I learned 4 forms in one month. For one month this is a lot. Also all the students are very friendly and helpful – like a big family. Everybody help everybody. The training facilities are very good expecially for Meihua Quan (poles) but also for Sanda (sand bags, gloves, pads) – everything is there.I improved my Tai Chi a lot!! Also I got more stability and stamina. The forms I learned here I can now practice when I go back to Germany.A very good experience with good teachers.

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Alice from Germany

I had a short, but very impressive time at the Tianmeng Shaolin academy. My experience was that David and the Masters were very endeavored to respond to the personal needs and interests of their students.

During an introductive conversation we talked about my aims and wishes and the kind of Martial Arts I want to learn. But besides learning different Kung Fu styles we also had the opportunity to get an insight into the Chinese tradition, e.g. Chinese tea culture. Wang Shifu is very versed in traditional Chinese medicine and taught me basic knowledge about acupressure and acupuncture, whereas Shao Shifu taught me one Tai Chi form within one week.

Both Masters are passionate, but patient and very warmhearted, creating an encouraging learning atmosphere. Uncle Wang, the cook, took great care of our gustatory needs and cooked healthy meals with rice and vegetable variations not too oily as typical for China. Overall, it was a very enriching experience which trained body and mind.

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Gemma Weston

Gemma Weston from New Zealand

I came to the school for 2.5 weeks and in that short amount of time I was taught a sword form, a tai chi form and a couple of other forms. I also learnt how to crack a whip and do some fancy moves with 2 swords. Everyone there from the shifu to the chef were very friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed my time there and if I was to come back it would be in summer next time.

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Hannes from Sweden

Hannes from Sweden

I´m Hannes from Sweden and I stayed here for one month. A month I won´t forget, I´ve learned so much interesting stuff since we do many different types of Kung fu. The staff at the school have been very helpful and warmhearted. I´ve also met wonderful persons here and we´ve been traveling, training, watching kung fu movies and much more together.

Whatever you need help with, the staff will gladly provide. The accommodation was perfect, and there was no trouble with showers, washing machines etc. The school provides you with sheets and towels. There is a village about 20 minutes´ walk from the school were you can buy convenient groceries. The school also has a small shop.

The environment couldn´t be better, we train with the view of beautiful mountains and there are amusing things in the nearby area, like temples, parks etc, we´ve also been climbing at a nearby obstacle course which was really fun. The Kung fu training is challenging and fun. You can tell the shifus (trainers) what you want to learn and he will in consideration to your skills put up a plan for you to reach your goals. You´re also going to get the chance to break bricks with hands and elbows etc during hard Qi gong. If I´m coming back to China to train again, I will definitely return to this school. I´ve had a wonderful time, and I´m sure you will as well.

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Chris from Holland

Chris from the Netherlands

I wanted a place where I could invest some time in myself and in the meantime work on my health And fitness.And a friend of mine who knew I had an interest in martial arts advised me to have a look at On this site I found the Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, which really looked authentic to me at a very reasonable price. I booked for a month and I am very happy that I did. All the people I have met are very kind and understanding.

One of the hardest things in China is communication, this school provided 2 very kind and talented translators who are very willing to help you with anything. All the teachers are very understanding as they meet people from different cultures and statuses and no one will push you to do anything if you are not comfortable with it. I was at that time the oldest student with no kung fu experience at all, but I never felt in any way.the teachers(shi fu) really try to make a program for you that is suitable for beginners.

In the period I have been here I learned to understand Chinese culture much better,got in better shape,learned basic wingchun,1 shaolin form,and above all I had a great time doing it. I am someone who is used in doing whatever I like to do, here you do it as well but in a structured way according to school schedule and regulations. I recommended this school for adventurous martial arts lovers who are willing to learn and are able to adjust to the Asian standards.

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Riccardo From Italy

Riccardo from Italy

I’m Riccardo from Italy, I’ve been here for 1 month. In this period I learned 2 drunken fist forms, 1 taijiquan form, 1 meihuaquan form and 1 huaquan form, I’ve also practiced qigong and hard qigong. I think the school is the Perfect place for training, the masters are really qualified and they want the student do their best but also known that different students have different limits and the training is personalized for every single student.

All the staff and the masters are really friendly and it’s been a great pleasure for me live 1 month with them. The accommodation is very good and you have everything you need…hot water, washing machine, wifi, fan, air conditioning…the school has also 2 training rooms and a large assortment of weapons and all the tools you need to practice sanda or sparring with other students.

In the evenings there are interesting lessons about Chinese culture, mandarin, acupuncture and calligraphy. You can spend your free time visiting the water park near the school or going to the nearest city Linyi, if you want to travel in other big city in China you can ask to the staff (they booking for me an hotel and the train ticket for a travel in Beijing). I think I will never forget this experience and if I will have a chance I will surely come back in this amazing place.

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Eduardo from Mexico

I am a student from Mexico, I was 40 days at the Academy and I personally can express the Academy is situated in a wonderful and peaceful place surround by hills and mountains, all nature around, a perfect place to live the experience of kung fu which is the perfect match of Chinese culture. Our shifus were absolutely skillful, experienced, good teachers, but above all very friendly and humble. It is well taught, kung fu of Chinese traditional martial arts are not used to create violence or brawling but to strengthen your body, your mind, your spirit and improve your health.
This is not a temple, is a school in order to experience the traditional kung fu as in ancient China was practiced. We had two excellent translators who helped us in everything, excellent friends, attitude and hospitality, willing to make our lives much easier.
The training is flexible and you have the liberty to choose which style you want to learn or develop plus you set some information from Chinese culture, medicine, Buddhism, Mandarin, etc.

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Khan from India

When I visited Tianmeng Academy I feel so good. Environment was very good, pleasant. It was winter time, so it is cold for me. The location was very nice. The training I got from master proved beneficial for me. Still today I am doing the training. I am missing all of you (I wrote this feedback on September , 19,2015 )

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Nikolay from Bulgaria

I had a wonderful time in the academy. I signed in for a month. I met really good people all over the world. The training is really good and you got in physical shape really fast. I learned mostly basic kung fu kicks,jumps,punches and several kung fu forms. The master is really good with amazing flexibility and professionalism. I don’t care much about how good things look but how I feel the place and people here. I should say it is very friendly and peaceful place. I just had problems with my hard bed. However, overall it is really nice place to get in shape physically and mentally especially accompanied with some books related to Buddhism. And of course learn kung fu.  Really friend atmosphere one could find here. I liked the place a lot.

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Olaoluwakitan from UK

I live in the United Kingdom. I spent 10 days in the Tianmeng academy which is near Linyi. David met me at the airport and escorted me on the two hour car journey to the academy. The staff were friendly and supportive. As I arrived on a Friday, and given that there are no classes on the weekend, an additional half day session was arranged for me with the Shifu.
The training itself consists primarily of learning forms, with lots of stretching: static passive and dynamic. We train in the academy itself or in the nearby water park.
The students venture out of the academy on the weekends to one of the nearby towns or to Linyi itself. The students consist of a mix of nationalities and personalities. Experience and interest in Kung Fu vary, but you are likely to find others with a similar mindset.
Overall, a unique experience in a rarely visited part of Linyi, and an opportunity to gain some exposure to Kung Fu. Certainly, a very different holiday experience!

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