The Origination of Sanda

Sanda, which literally means free fighting is a Chinese self- defense and combat system, also called Chinese kick boxing.

Modern Sanda originated from Sanshou(Old Sanda,which had no fighting rules or restrictions), and was developed by the Chinese military based on the study of traditional Kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques. Sanda is normally not considered a martial arts style itself, but rather a training method often taught alongside other traditional Kung fu styles. Although Sanda is considered a military combat style or modern wushu discipline, it still embraces the techniques, theory, training methods and spirit of traditional Kung fu.

Sanda Competition

Sanda, is suitable for use in one on one competition, however unlike Sanshou, grappling is not allowed, or targeting vital body parts such as throat, eyes, crotch and the back of the head.

Allowable Sanda moves include:Punching, kicking, wrestling, takedowns, throws, leg sweeps, catches, and in some competitions: elbow and knee strikes. Competitors must be in the same weight category and wear protective clothing during matches.

Benefits of training Sanda

1. Physical: develops basic qualities strength, endurance, flexibility and resistance.

2. Reflex: develops alertness to identify opportunities to attack and defend.

3. Confidence: develops decisiveness, quick thinking and tenacity, resulting in a flexible, mature and positive style

Sanda Training at Tianmeng Academy

The academy provides the necessary equipment for Sanda training as kickboxing bags with four different sizes and hardness, gloves,body,head and shin protection, pads and others.

The training begins with learning the proper techniques of the Sanda punches,kicks,body moves,footwork and needed stamina supervised by the coaches.That training is firstly individual and later with a partner or the coach blocking the attacks with training pads.Carefully could all be tried on the Sanda bags as well. The practitioners need to learn the different defensive moves and blocks firstly individual and later with a partner. At a further stage the students will learn takedowns and throws. That is more advance training and needs deeper understanding about the body kinetics and body balance.

Once the techniques of the punches and kicks are mastered,the solidness and the strength of the body are sufficient and all movements accurate then the students will be advised to train combinations of attacks and blocks which imitate a real fight. On a later stage there are sparing sessions at the school terrain which follow the strict rules of the real competitions and prepare students who desire to take part in future Sanda tournaments. All this methods are closely followed by the Shifus of Tianmeng academy, safe and only with educational porpoise.

Do you want to do Sanda training? 

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