Antoniya from Bulgaria

With this letter I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tianmeng Academy. I spent two months in the summer of 2013 and 2014. I’ve returned to the academy for a second time and I will do that as many times as I am able to. This is not only a Kung Fu school… Read more “Antoniya from Bulgaria”

Antoniya Stoyanova
stay up to three months

Rafael from Brazil

My name is Rafael, I am 24 and I am from Brazil. I spent one month in Tianmeng Academy. I felt like I was at home. The atmosphere is really friendly. The dorms and facilities are clean and comfortable. The place is simple but cozy. All the staff are great and supportive. Liu Sifu is… Read more “Rafael from Brazil”

stay up to one month

Nadja from Germany

My name is Nadja, I was happy to practice Kung Fu in Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy more than 2 month; this is really a great place to stay. The Academy is special because of the friendly atmosphere and a pleasant natural environment. I have got a Chinese grandmother, my sister lives in China so I… Read more “Nadja from Germany”

stay up to three months

Luciano from Brazil

I´ve spent two months at the academy and I had a really good time there. I will not say what´s is good and what´s is bad about the academy because everyone has it´s on opinion, I will just say what my impressions about this two months are: First of all if you have decided to… Read more “Luciano from Brazil”

stay up to three months

Michaela from Italy

My name is Michela, I’m 17 and I spent one month in this academy. I found this academy simply beautiful. The shifus are really good, to be here, learn and watch them performing you can totally understand what it means practice Kung Fu. The training is completely different from the occidental one. Here you learn… Read more “Michaela from Italy”

stay up to one month

Olaoluwakitan from UK

I live in the United Kingdom. I spent 10 days in the Tianmeng academy which is near Linyi. David met me at the airport and escorted me on the two hour car journey to the academy. The staff were friendly and supportive. As I arrived on a Friday, and given that there are no classes… Read more “Olaoluwakitan from UK”

United Kingdom
stay up to one month

Nikolay from Bulgaria

I had a wonderful time in the academy. I signed in for a month. I met really good people all over the world. The training is really good and you got in physical shape really fast. I learned mostly basic kung fu kicks,jumps,punches and several kung fu forms. The master is really good with amazing… Read more “Nikolay from Bulgaria”

stay up to one month

Péron Thibault from France

I spent 6 month in total at the Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy (planed to stay 4 months, extended 2 months more). My adventure in this school was really amazing, and this for many reason. First, the lessons, the training at the academy is hard. If you want to improve, you need to train hard and… Read more “Péron Thibault from France”

Péron Thibault
stay up to half a year

Khan from India

When I visited Tianmeng Academy I feel so good. Environment was very good, pleasant. It was winter time, so it is cold for me. The location was very nice. The training I got from master proved beneficial for me. Still today I am doing the training. I am missing all of you (I wrote this… Read more “Khan from India”

Maharashtra, India
stay up to one month

Imran Jimmy Ahmad from Ireland

Before I go too deep on my pros and cons one must question as to why they want this sort of adventure. That is what it is, limitless potential if that is what you seek. Confused with life in the fast lane? Lost a bit of yourself somewhere and looking to rebuild? Interested in a… Read more “Imran Jimmy Ahmad from Ireland”

Imran Jimmy Ahmad
Galway, Ireland
stay up to three months

Eduardo from Mexico

I am a student from Mexico, I was 40 days at the Academy and I personally can express the Academy is situated in a wonderful and peaceful place surround by hills and mountains, all nature around, a perfect place to live the experience of kung fu which is the perfect match of Chinese culture. Our… Read more “Eduardo from Mexico”

stay up to one month

Riccardo from Italy

I’m Riccardo from Italy, I’ve been here for 1 month. In this period I learned 2 drunken fist forms, 1 taijiquan form, 1 meihuaquan form and 1 huaquan form, I’ve also practiced qigong and hard qigong. I think the school is the Perfect place for training, the masters are really qualified and they want the… Read more “Riccardo from Italy”

stay up to one month

Ralf from the Netherlands

This year I update my recommendation which I wrote 5 years ago in 2009. A lot has happened since I arrived at the age of 24 first in China. Back then, there was no school terrain yet. A couple of months after my first training, the school properties were bought. Because at that time the… Read more “Ralf from the Netherlands”

Ralf Klein Breteler
stay up to half a year

Chris from the Netherlands

I wanted a place where I could invest some time in myself and in the meantime work on my health And fitness.And a friend of mine who knew I had an interest in martial arts advised me to have a look at On this site I found the Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, which… Read more “Chris from the Netherlands”

Chris Vugrinec
stay up to one month

Hannes from Sweden

I´m Hannes from Sweden and I stayed here for one month. A month I won´t forget, I´ve learned so much interesting stuff since we do many different types of Kung fu. The staff at the school have been very helpful and warmhearted. I´ve also met wonderful persons here and we´ve been traveling, training, watching kung… Read more “Hannes from Sweden”

stay up to one month

Gemma Weston from New Zealand

I came to the school for 2.5 weeks and in that short amount of time I was taught a sword form, a tai chi form and a couple of other forms. I also learnt how to crack a whip and do some fancy moves with 2 swords. Everyone there from the shifu to the chef… Read more “Gemma Weston from New Zealand”

Gemma Weston
New Zealand
stay up to one month

Waled from Norway

One of my dream since I was teenage to go to China to learn reel Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine, I got all what I want when I came to Tianmeng school. I came to the school without any martial arts background, and I was not in a good level of fitness, my goal was… Read more “Waled from Norway”

Waled Bahssen
stay up to half a year

Jason from Australia

I was at Tianmeng Academy for two and a half months training with Shifu Shao. I was originally unsure of what to expect and had almost no expectations other than knowing it was going to be difficult and I was going to try as hard as I could to learn a lot of Shaolin KungFu.… Read more “Jason from Australia”

Jason Fury
stay up to three months

Ben from Germany

The school is situated in the mountains, near a village and there is no pollution at all. In the vicinity there are many terraces used for agriculture, which is a beautiful sight. The training was harder than I imagined and its quality is very good, as all the masters are experts in their arts.In the… Read more “Ben from Germany”

Ben Maier
stay up to three months

Alice from Germany

I had a short, but very impressive time at the Tianmeng Shaolin academy. My experience was that David and the Masters were very endeavored to respond to the personal needs and interests of their students. During an introductive conversation we talked about my aims and wishes and the kind of Martial Arts I want to learn. But besides learning… Read more “Alice from Germany”

stay up to one month

Alwin from Germany

I came here to get a little flexible, earn stamina and get some new moves. I reach all my goals. The Masters are good and teach you every style you want. I learned 4 forms in one month. For one month this is a lot. Also all the students are very friendly and helpful –… Read more “Alwin from Germany”

Alwin Dittrich
stay up to one month

Bob from England

It has been a dream of mine to visit China and to train at a school that teaches traditional kung fu and I can honestly say that I made the correct decision by coming to Tianmeng Shaolin Academy. The Shifus are extremely talented in their art, and they have are very patient whilst doing their… Read more “Bob from England”

Bob Edgeyley-Bailey

Frederic and Arnauld from France

My son always dreamed to practice martial arts in China. He looked for a long time, compared, read testimonies, found forums to discover at the end Tianmeng Chinese Kung fu Academy.I travelled with him and I discovered a very friendly school with a family spirit between all its members. The comfort is sufficient. The quality of… Read more “Frederic and Arnauld from France”

Frederic and Arnauld
stay more than half a year

Leon from Switzerland

It’s wonderful looking back at those memories of me, a 16 year old “man” arrive in such a huge country by myself. as i got out at Linyi airport, Dawei was already waiting for me… we spend 2 hours on car driving to the place which i would call “home” for the next 2 months. As… Read more “Leon from Switzerland”

Leon de Keller
stay up to three months

Marilyn from the Philippines

I have two sons with the age of 2 and 8 years old. I visited the school in July 2012. Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy is a very very good Kung Fu school for training and living. My son loves the training and the people there and the people loved my son very much. I will take my… Read more “Marilyn from the Philippines”

Marilyn Lee Gomez

Basia from Netherlands

I have stayed at Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy for three months from April 15 2013. It was a beautiful experience and I am very happy to have chosen to stay at this school in particular. I felt comfortable living there and the people were very friendly and helpful to me. We were with a small… Read more “Basia from Netherlands”

Basia Kroon
stay up to three months

Marco from Italy

I trained in Tianmeng Shaolin Academy for 3 months from April 3, 2013. I liked so much the training, all masters are very qualified, they help me so much, every day they train me for enough time to improve a lot day by day. My kung fu skills improve a lot in that 3 months… Read more “Marco from Italy”

Marco Fiorertale
stay up to three months

Ruben from the Netherlands

I have always been fond of martial arts. It is a good way to release your energy, gain physical and mental strength and it just look bad-ass. Even though there’s big variety of martial arts and so much to choose from, the most interesting and the most known in my eyes is Kung-Fu. After deciding… Read more “Ruben from the Netherlands”

Ruben Blommaert
stay up to three months

David from UK

I arrived on 25/03/17 and was unsure of exactly what to expect. I was instantly put at ease – the staff and students I met were friendly and helpful, and I felt like I’d made a good choice. Initially I had booked to stay for a month but ended up staying 2 months, and would… Read more “David from UK”

David Pickford
stay up to three months
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