The Masters at Tianmeng Academy

A lifelong journey…

Achieving mastery takes everything. It demands discipline and hard work and the training never really ends. The life of a master in the martial arts is the tale of inner battles coming to peace while the outer form reaches perfection. No matter how easy and light it looks when a master shows his skills, along his or her journey there has always been passion and pain, beauty and misery, movement and stillness… For all this, we respect masters of all styles and look up to them.

…to share and teach you.

The true reason why masters teach is because they see potential wherever they look. Some of the greatest masters have been from very underprivileged backgrounds, with all odds against them – and yet they made it and became their greatest version. This experience is so fulfilling that a master can’t help but be grateful for what he could become. And the first expression of gratitude is always sharing. Sharing the skills and techniques with those who are serious about martial arts.

With this letter I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Tianmeng Academy. I spent two months in the summer of 2013 and 2014. I’ve returned to the academy for a second time and I will do that as many times as I am able to. This is not only a Kung Fu school… Read more “Antoniya from Bulgaria”

Antoniya Stoyanova from Bulgaria3
Antoniya Stoyanova

My name is Rafael, I am 24 and I am from Brazil. I spent one month in Tianmeng Academy. I felt like I was at home. The atmosphere is really friendly. The dorms and facilities are clean and comfortable. The place is simple but cozy. All the staff are great and supportive. Liu Sifu is… Read more “Rafael from Brazil”

rafael from brazil

My name is Nadja, I was happy to practice Kung Fu in Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy more than 2 month; this is really a great place to stay. The Academy is special because of the friendly atmosphere and a pleasant natural environment. I have got a Chinese grandmother, my sister lives in China so I… Read more “Nadja from Germany”

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I´ve spent two months at the academy and I had a really good time there. I will not say what´s is good and what´s is bad about the academy because everyone has it´s on opinion, I will just say what my impressions about this two months are: First of all if you have decided to… Read more “Luciano from Brazil”

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My name is Michela, I’m 17 and I spent one month in this academy. I found this academy simply beautiful. The shifus are really good, to be here, learn and watch them performing you can totally understand what it means practice Kung Fu. The training is completely different from the occidental one. Here you learn… Read more “Michaela from Italy”

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I live in the United Kingdom. I spent 10 days in the Tianmeng academy which is near Linyi. David met me at the airport and escorted me on the two hour car journey to the academy. The staff were friendly and supportive. As I arrived on a Friday, and given that there are no classes… Read more “Olaoluwakitan from UK”

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United Kingdom

I had a wonderful time in the academy. I signed in for a month. I met really good people all over the world. The training is really good and you got in physical shape really fast. I learned mostly basic kung fu kicks,jumps,punches and several kung fu forms. The master is really good with amazing… Read more “Nikolay from Bulgaria”

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