Wu Dang Kung Fu

‘In calmness there are movements and in movements there are sinking’. Wudang Kung Fu follows Taoist teachings, which believe in the preservation of life and living harmoniously with nature. Taoist’s train in Wudang Kung Fu for the purpose of developing their Qi, health preservation and self defense. All the movements maintain continuity without breaks using internal and external in unity. The stances and steps are close to the floor, using the steps to trace the outline of a snake. Focusing on using your mind not force to stay balanced and centered, and taking or redirecting the opponents power to use against them.

The founder of Wudang Tai chi is Zhang Sanfeng, he created Wudang Tai chi because he came across an opponent who surpassed him in external force. Zhang Sanfeng was unable to beat him using only Wushu techniques, so he incorporated internal alchemy and Qi gong along with his many years of training wushu to defeat him. During your stay at Tianmeng beginners will be taught the basics of Wudang after you will learn many fist forms. When you are more experienced you can move on to weapon forms.

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