Mantis Fist

The Legend

The Mantis fist was created by Wanglang. There is a popular legend about Wanglang which indicates that during the Han Dynasty, there existed a skilled martial arts warrior by the name Wanglang. He had spent a lot of time roaming many Chinese cities and places and thus managed to make a number of chivalrous friends and also was fortunate to meet numerous masters who were able to teach him a number of great skills.He later lost in a Kung fu competition, and he was devastated and distressed.While lying under a locust tree, he saw two praying mantises battle viciously over an insect. The mantis had assumed various positions like hooking and jumping, defending, pulling,  and locking.  Inspired by the mantis’ movements, he then imitated the mantis’ movements, therefore creating a structure of the mantis fist. He then continued practicing until he became very skilled. He then went back to challenge the man who had defeated him and subsequently outmatched his opponent.


The fist is very important when in close combat, hence also named the short hit fist as one of the best pictographic fists.

The mantis fists are essential and offer great value in improving a person’s health. It was a popular fist in certain cities, mostly in the city of Laiyang in Yantai, as well as the City of Qingdao.  At the same time, the fist had originated from Yantai, thus gradually spreading to other cities in China and all over the world.

The mantis is a long and narrow predatory insect. While heavily armoured, it is not built to withstand forces from perpendicular directions. Consequently, its fighting style involves the use of whip-like/circular motions to deflect direct attacks, which it follows up with precise attacks to the opponent’s vital spots. These traits have been subsumed into the Praying Mantis style, under the rubric of “removing something” (blocking to create a gap) and “adding something” (rapid attack).

At Tianmeng Academy

The mantis is a very advance for of kung fu, For those who want to learn it we have professionals within our school ground They do however only teach it to students with great Understanding and motivation.

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