Baji Quan

Baji is a powerful yet simple martial art that attacks from angles the opponent can’t see. Traditional Baji is about hitting your opponent, where you are most afraid of being hit. Their stances are narrow while remaining low which allows them to pace, change their footing, and let out bursts of power.

Closing in, striking, shoving, checking, bashing, jolting, charging, striking, and grappling are all fundamentals of this style. Its philosophy is loyalty and courage, using your body as a shield, sacrificing oneself, and heading for danger. Baji helps improve reflexes, stamina, balance, body strength, awareness of your surroundings, and much more. We are proud to offer Baji as one of the disciplines at Tianmeng.

It is because of this that Baji has very few defensive movements. Founded by Wu Zhong, Baji has had a profound influence on the development of Chinese martial arts. It was originally derived from spear techniques – when practicing fist techniques, if there were flaws in their movements, they would correct them by practicing with a spear.

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