Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take from Beijing to Linyi City by train and air

There are two trains from Beijing to Linyi. K51 leaves Beijing at 23:06 and arrives at 09:29 (833km). K1901/K1904 leaves at 23:26 and arrives at 12:30. There are 2 flights to Linyi from Beijing, 2 flights from Shanghai and 1 flight from Guangzhou every day. The Academy offers free pick up and drop off service from Linyi airport or Linyi train station.

See here for more details.

How much money do I need to bring

Once at the Academy, you will not have extra expenses apart of the monthly tuition fee. Accommodation is full-board and all inclusive so it is possible to keep to a small budget whilst living at the Academy.

How can I contact my home and friends?

The Academy has an office phone which you can use to receive phone calls from abroad and WiFi can be used in the rooms, stidents can use facebook, skype and email to contact their home and friends.

Sending letters abroad by post may take a week or two depending on the destination.

What’s the accommodation like?

Students studying at Tianmeng Academy are currently being accommodated in a single and private room. Free air-condition is summer and heater in winter. Extra blankets are given in winter and fans in summer too. The living conditions in China are different from Western countries so be aware of this difference. However the Academy aims to provide the students a good standard of accommodation.

What is the weather like and what kind of clothes should I bring?

In summer months the weather is hot and the Academy provides fans or air condition to keep cool. During the autumn and spring months the weather cools, especially in the mornings and at night but can become quite hot during the day. In winter months gets much colder and sometimes can snow. For warm season you could bring lose trousers and T-shits while for cold season you should bring extra sweaters and a jacket. You also can buy extra equipment at a very low price, from Linyi City, one of the biggest wholesale markets in China.

Are there western toilets?

The Academy offers western style toilets and private shower rooms.

Can I contact former students of the school?

Yes. You can ask former students questions about the life at the Academy via email or the Academy’s Facebook group or facebook page. You can contact the staff of the Academy through Facebook as well.

Is there anything else you can tell me about the school?

The Academy hopes to give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all students so that they will live peacefully and harmoniously together. In Chinese Kung Fu tradition fellow students are brothers and sisters. In this spirit, students live happily together, considerate and caring for each other inside and outside of training.

What is the admission procedure of the school

You will follow the below steps:

  1. Submit an application form via our website.
  2. Transfer the application fee ($100) in order to reserve a place at the Academy. You can find the bank account information on the following here:
  3. The Academy will issue an Invitation letter to help you get the appropriate visa.
  4. Apply for a Chinese tourist visa (L-type) or travel visa (S2-type) or business visa (F-visa) at your local Chinese embassy. Once you get here we can apply for a student visa (X- visa) for stay more than 6 months.

Go to the link and check the requirements of your country.

  1. Book your flights
  2. Inform the Academy of your arrival date. The school taxi offer you free pick up and drop off between Linyi (train/airport) and school.

Do I need to have experience in Kung Fu to train at the academy?

It is not necessary to have previously studied Martial Arts in order to come and train. Many students of the Academy have started training from this position. The most important before coming is you to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

Physical preparation is not strictly required. However, it will be helpful, since you will get used to the training schedule more quickly. Recommended are: Proper diet, running (2 km or so per day), swimming, cycling, skipping, push-ups, sit-ups, etc…

What do I wear for training?

School uniforms are mandatory during training. You can get uniform with the price, 100yuan for summer uniform, 150 yuan for winter uniform,  and have them custom fitted. This school is a traditional school proper uniforms are required. During the winter long underwear or thermal underwear can be worn under the uniforms

What is the food like?

Our cook is very flexible and he has lots of years of experience in cooking. Our meals are carefully prepared taking into consideration the need for energy and health while training in Kung Fu. We buy products locally and we ensure that they are free of additives, enhancers, E-numbers and for fruits and vegetables free of pesticides. We prepare special meals for vegetarians and vegans. For students from Muslim countries we give special consideration as we know how important is for them to eat Halal. Our cook is well trained to prepare delicious and nutritious meals.

Will I get a certificate after I complete my studies?

Yes, every student receives a certificate with the Academy’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the feedback from your master. The Academy is certified by the Chinese Government.

Students also can get a certificate from our locall governments (Linyi or Feixian Martial Arts Association) if they trained very well.

Can I find work while I am at the academy?

You can work while you train in the Academy. We can help more than 6 months students to get an English teaching job in Linyi City if they are native English speaker and can teach well, they need hold a Teaching certificate and a degree 2-4 years college.

What kind of payment methods do you accept and when do I pay?

After you submit your application form, the application fee will be paid to the Academy. The application fee will be payable before arrival and has the purpose of reserving a place in the Academy. We can accept US Dollars, Chinese Yuan or traveler’s check.. You will need your passport for identification. Alternatively, you can use a debit/credit bank card to withdraw money from an ATM at the local Bank of China. The monthly fee can be paid within 2 days after your arrival.

See here for more information.


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