If flying to Beijing, you can take the train from Beijing South railway station to Qufu East.  There are several trains as listed below.

From Beijing to Qufu
Train NumberDeparts Beijing SouthArrives Qufu EastDuration
G10107:0009:122h 12min
G26107:1509:352h 20min
G10507:3609:562h 20min
G1108:0010:062h 06min
G5508:1310:412h 28min
D31508:1811:433h 25min
G11709:4412:122h 28min
G11910:0512:252h 20min
G3311:1913:462h 27min
D31911:4014:523h 12min
G13112:2714:412h 14min
G4314:0516:172h 12min
G14314:4116:542h 13min
G3515:0517:252h 20min
G14515:2917:432h 14min
D35118:2421:493h 5min
K5123:0807:328h 24min
K1901/K190423:2609:3210h 6min

If you fly to Shanghai Pudong International airport, you can take the subway to Shanghai Hongqiao train station to take the following trains.

From Shanghai to Qufu
Train NumberDeparts HongqiaoArrives Qufu EastDuration
G1208:0011:093h 09min
G230/G23109:1512:383h 23min
G11409:3713:073h 30min
G12010:4514:093h 24min
G1252/G125311:2014:593h 39min
G1228/G122511:4315:263h 43min
G13212:1815:523h 34min
G17812:3516:183h 43min
K2504/K250113:2704:2014h 53min
G226/G22714:0517:283h 23min
G14214:2117:593h 38min
G21414:5418:253h 31min
G14815:1918:423h 23min
G15016:0519:203h 15min
G2217:0020:093h 09min
G15617:1920:353h 16min
G15817:3621:063h 30min
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