Know more about the secret of Chinese kungfu training by Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda series has been so popular in the world since it was shown in 2008, which is an excellent work to demonstrate Chinese Kungfu and Chinese culture. Today I would like to talk about the Chinese Kungfu elements in Kungfu Panda to all of you who are eager to know more about it in […]

Eager to be a kungfu master? Know this first

For a martial arts practitioner, it is important to learn martial arts culture. Martial arts is a means of self-cultivation. To learn martial arts, one should focus on the heart first, which is considered internal cultivation. In stillness, one can be free from thoughts, resentments and desires, through which clearness, purity and serenity emerges. Long […]

CCTV4 Visit Tianmeng

This last month we hosted CCTV4 (China Central Television 4) at our school for a week, they made contact with us awhile back advising that they would like to come to our school, and have a look around with intentions of filming a 30-minute programme based on the school and students here at Tianmeng. After […]

Internal Kung Fu

Nadiya, a language teacher, medical interpreter and psychologist from Germany was practicing Yoga and Internal Martial Arts more than 10 years. She uses positive energy of natural movements flow to generate new ideas, overcome difficulties and find positive ways of communication and teaching in a professional life.