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Heartfelt Thanks

Hi! My name is Michela (one month training in August 2015) and I want to tell you my story with the Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy.

I’m an Italian girl and since I was very little I loved martial arts. My dream was to go where martial arts developed, China, and train in a great academy like a shaolin master. But I’m gonna say the truth: unluckly I did not have the money to realize this dream. But I kept searching because no matter what, deep in my heart, I knew that I would find a way. So I kept looking for an academy in China and I kept to have faith.

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Senven Breath Ways in Qi (Chi)Gong

Contributor: David zhou,the president of Tianmeng kungfu Academy, the 18th generation of Meihua Fist, has been practiced Meihua fist for more than 20 years,do a lot of study on Meihua Fist. Continue reading “Senven Breath Ways in Qi (Chi)Gong” »

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Internal Kung Fu

Nadiya, a language teacher, medical interpreter and psychologist from Germany was practicing Yoga and Internal Martial Arts more than 10 years. She uses positive energy of natural movements flow to generate new ideas, overcome difficulties and find positive ways of communication and teaching in a professional life. Please follow and like us:

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