What is real Chinese Kungfu?

Chinese Kungfu is an abundant and comprehensive training system, which is both body and mind training. Physical training includes the moves bend and stretch, equilibrate, jump, somersault, dropping, lunge and so on. All factors about Physical fitness like speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, alert will be trained. What the most important is, Chinese kungfu pay great […]

Know more about the secret of Chinese kungfu training by Kungfu Panda

Kungfu Panda series has been so popular in the world since it was shown in 2008, which is an excellent work to demonstrate Chinese Kungfu and Chinese culture. Today I would like to talk about the Chinese Kungfu elements in Kungfu Panda to all of you who are eager to know more about it in […]

Amazing place for chinese traditional kungfu training

On 28 September 2015, the Symposium on Sustainable Development of the Aging Industry and the International Forum on Aging Industries of the World was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The Organizing Committee of the 2015 UN Summit on Aging for Sustainable Development issued a plaque “Homeland of Longevity for the World” for Fei […]

Eager to be a kungfu master? Know this first

For a martial arts practitioner, it is important to learn martial arts culture. Martial arts is a means of self-cultivation. To learn martial arts, one should focus on the heart first, which is considered internal cultivation. In stillness, one can be free from thoughts, resentments and desires, through which clearness, purity and serenity emerges. Long […]

Eight Precautions For kungfu Practitioners

If a Kungfu practitioner doesn’t know regimen, he won’t get high Kungfu level even trains Kungfu everyday. On the contrary, probablly will get sick. 1. Avoid coldness There was saying from predecessor: warmness promoted your Kungfu , coldness results in illness. It’s normal that body get sweat and hot After the training, but Avoid coldness […]

Benifits of meditation

Meditation is a important part of the kungfu tradition. There are two main way of practices. One is sitting and one is standing meditation. Both of them are mindfulness practice that can recharge, balance and unify the body mind spirit with both heaven and earth. If practiced regularly it is undeniably going to bring a […]

Shaolin Temple

For students who desire to visit the Shaolin Temple, the Academy can organize a trip for a few days to Dengfeng, Henan Province, reputedly the ‘number one Temple under Heaven’, it is the cradle of Zen and Buddhism. The temple has many attractions, such as the Dharma Cave, the Pagoda forest, the Mahavira Hall and […]

Mount Tai

Mount Tai or Tai Shan is located 120km from Tianmeng Academy. It is one of the five great mountains of China. The tallest peak is the Jade emperor peak, reported to be 1545 meters above sea level. A flight of around 7,200 steps lead to Its peak. A total of 22 temples, 97 ruins, 819 […]

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Qufu

Qufu is around 100km away from Tianmeng Academy. It is an incredibly beautiful and historically rich city, home to the Temple and Cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Family Mansion. The Temple & Cemetery were originally built in 478 B.C and since have been destroyed and reconstructed multiple times over the centuries. Consisting of around […]

Senven Breath Ways in Qi (Chi)Gong

Contributor: David zhou,the president of Tianmeng kungfu Academy, the 18th generation of Meihua Fist, has been practiced Meihua fist for more than 20 years,do a lot of study on Meihua Fist.