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Welcome to Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy

We are a serious Kung Fu academy and we generally accept everyone who wants join our family, we only ask of you to train hard and give your 100%. We have a lot of understanding for people and their obstacles, and we are here to help you overcome them.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to set some rules so everyone can maximize their training. Everyone who arrives to China is coming with some expectation and it is our task to try to meet everyone in his or her search for authentic Kung Fu training.

Traditional Kung Fu teaches the students to train their bodies and minds to their highest levels, so that they may live longer and have more fulfilling lives. One of the most important aspects of Chinese martial arts is morality. In Shaolin Kung Fu there are two aspects of morality that are taught: The first is morality of the mind includes WILL, ENDURANCE, PERSEVERANCE, PATIENCE, and BRAVERY.

The second aspect is morality of action that consists of HUMILITY, RESPECT, RIGHTEOUSNESS, TRUST, and LOYALTY. These ideals are an integral part of the training curriculum at the Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy and are taught alongside the physical aspects of the art in order to help the students reach the highest potential towards self-mastery.

We therefore ask you to commit to abide by these rules and requirements for the length of your stay at the Academy. The purpose is to ensure the safety of all, to protect the collective atmosphere of the academy, and to maintain the discipline necessary to practice Kung Fu. In order to teach foreign students at the academy, official permits are signed with the government that creates a personal responsibility and liability of the Headmaster Mr. Zhou. The student is a direct representative of our academy and any problems may have great consequences both for the student and for the academy. It is therefore very important to maintain a good attitude, as a guest of China.

Please consider your stay at the academy as a unique opportunity for intensive training and study, but also as a time to relax away from your own life in society. If you are not willing to put effort, and discipline, you are wasting the time of the master and of yourself. We will expect you to respect the discipline of the training and study and to do as instructed. The discipline is the exact frame that will allow you to grow and learn more. Please sincerely commit to follow these rules and requirements. Any student breaking them might be asked to leave the Academy at any point of his stay, refund will be given according to the fee structure as signed with the school upon arrival.

Our academy works hard to create an atmosphere that supports and respects, both friendship and hard work. During your stay, you will be required to follow these rules.

Kind Regards

The Tianmeng Family

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

 – General Rules and Student Information

Important Regulations for Foreign Students in China

  • Student must obey all the Chinese laws, or be liable to dismissal, prison  and blacklist from China

  • Particularly gambling, prostitution and drugs including marijuana are strictly prohibited. If you are caught with drugs or anything above, you will be dismissed without any refund, and will be liable for prison in China

  • The X2, X1 visa is only intended for study. Therefore, you are not allowed to take any jobs not managed by the school, according to the Foreign Affairs Managing Regulations

  • The academy is only responsible to extend your visa according to the length of your course

  • The academy will not be liable for any medical expenses or compensation in the unlikely event of an injury during training or your free time

  • Student visa will be canceled by police as Chinese law in ten days after you leave China

 – Regulations for the Academy

School regulations

  • Do not leave the academy without Shifu’s or the administrative office permission. You should get Shifu’s permission and sign out ( fill out form in office ) before leaving. Sign in after you come back. No one is allowed to go to town on training days except for visiting a doctor or doing Visa extension

  • Alcohol is forbidden at the academy. If you go to town and drink, do not get drunk and make troubles for the academy, otherwise may risk not being able to finish your stay

  • If you stay overnight out of the academy, you must inform the academy of your address of the hotel or exact place where you stay, because Chinese laws and regulations require the academy to know where the students are at all times, failure to so may have big effect on the academy, and the ability to grant visa in the future

  • Sex is not allowed at the academy at any time (instant dismissal and no refund). If you are married or have a girlfriend/boyfriend at the academy, staying with you and wish to get intimate with him or her, there are hotels in the area. Let the academy know what hotel you will stay at and how long you will be out. If you change hotels let the academy know (this is only allowed on the weekends)

  • Do not change your room without permission

  • Do not stream live or download video on the Internet. We all have to share the Internet and we have limited bandwidth

  • Cooking is not allowed in your room

  • Air-condition and heater should be used according to the guidelines

  • Keep your rooms clean and tidy at all times, as well as the academy. The masters and the interpreters will do room inspection on Monday and Thursday morning at 8AM

  • Clean your room on the day of graduation from the academy, and pay if something was damaged by you. The management will do the room inspection together with you before you leave

  • Pay off all bills before you graduate, the bill of the shop should be paid every Friday on the weekly meeting

  • Go to bed before 9:30PM from Sunday to Thursday and 10:30PM on Friday and Saturday

  • Students are not allowed to make noise after 930PM, or when ever Meditation starts. Students are not allowed to leave the academy after 10PM, except emergency

  • Respect and protect the property of the academy. (If you break or damage any academy property you are liable for the cost to replace or repairs. Please see the list in the office)

 – Code of Conduct

School Code of Conduct

  • Treat each other and all academy staff and visitors with courtesy and respect

  • Respect Shifu, translators and other students. Please remember you are in China and Shifus are to be addressed respectfully (see section below)

  • Students are not allowed to say bad things or make fun of other students, Shifu or the academy. This kind of behavior is to be reported to the academy immediately

  • Each student should attend training class with the academy uniform on. You can buy it in the shop (see our training facilities)

  • Ask for leave, if you are leaving the academy for more than one hour, you must notify your Shifu ahead. If you plan to stay in town overnight, you must sign out on the form in the office and do sign in when you are back

  • Students who have no training on weekends, can hang out, outside of the academy to deal with personal issues ONLY with permission from the academy’s office, completing the form in the office is required by Chinese law when a student asks to stay the whole night outside of the academy

Code of Conduct during Study and Training

  • Attend All Classes on time

  • If you are consistently late you may be dismissed

  • Notify Shifu as soon as possible if you are unable to attend class.

  • The only permissible reason to miss class is illness or injury 

  • You may not leave class early 

  • No talking back to Shifu or to the translator during class, or any other time

  • Keep talking at a minimum during class 

  • Do not bring food to class

  • Do not chew gum during class

  • No smoking during class

  • Students should encourage each other to train hard and create a positive atmosphere

 – Guidelines

How to respect a Shifu

  • Do as Shifu tells you
  • Do not interrupt
  • Listen to what Shifu tells you; if an answer seems unsatisfactory to you at first, do not insist but try to ponder about it instead
  • Do not talk back nor make excuses when being corrected in class
  • Do not slouch nor lie down during class
  • Do not ask Shifu to run errands for you no matter how convenient you may think it is

How to respect Translators and Staff

  • Know your question before you ask it
  • Do not interrupt translations, don’t talk during translations, keep in mind it is a demanding task that requires concentration
  • Trust in the translators skills as the main connection point between you and your Shifu, if you have any complaints about the translation talk to the office, and never during class
  • No questions during break time in between classes, allow Shifus and translators to rest
  • Attempt to do your tasks in town for yourself, including ordering food, buying items
  • If Shifu is not in class, the staff and translators are in charge
  • Do as being told, and do not respond back in a rude manner

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