Academy Diet

Nutrition for Warriors


Nutrition is one of our essential energy sources and certainly of great importance when you want to study martial arts intensively. The meals served in the academy are the same kind of food that all the Shifus have been eating through out their whole life, of training. For some western students this may be hard to accept and overcome. However we have no doubt that the food we serve should provide our students with enough fuel to perform at their best!

food 01

We will occasionally serve fruits. But if you are a big fruit lover we advise you to buy your own.

Special Diet

While our menu at the Academy is simple, we still take great care of any special requests. In case you have food allergies or special wishes, please talk to us. We understand the requirements for the following diets

  • Vegetarian foods
  • Vegan foods
  • Halal foods
  • Nut allergy
  • Additive-free foods

We serve three hot meals per day, seven days a week, we get all . We always do our best to catered for all our family members, being vegan or vegetarian is very easy our school.

The cook is very flexible and he has lots of years of experience in cooking. The meals are carefully prepared, taking into consideration the need for energy and health maintenance while training in Kung Fu. The academy buys products locally and ensures that they are free of additives, enhancers, E-numbers, and for fruits and vegetables free of pesticides.

The academy prepares special meals for vegetarians and vegans. For students from Muslim countries, the academy gives special consideration, We known how important it is for them to eat Halal. The academy’s’ cook is well trained to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, following the Chinese cooking principles.

Your Request

For students who want extra food, we have some great options.

One is that the student them self can take a taxi (10RMB ) to the local city or market here the students can find anything they need Meat fruits veggies tofu and other snacks.

And the Chef will prepare the food you have bought extra on the day for just 5 Yuan.

food inTianmeng academy

We also have a local restaurant just across the street from the school, that makes delicious food, and the students are always welcome to go here as long as they tell the school staff before hand to avoid waste.

Academy Accommodations

Your home away from home

Tianmeng Academy facilities include a single room for each student. We respect everyone’s privacy and need for a proper rest whilst training. Make sure you inform us in advance for your trip to the Academy so that we can guarantee you an available room, especially during the summer months – where we are very busy. The Academy has a capacity of no more than 30 students, which keeps a close knit group of family and friends that promotes comfort and trust among students and staff.

The rooms include; a single bed a nightstand, a closet, a desk & chair. During the summer the academy offers air conditioning in dorms & electric fans in dorms and training rooms. During the winter the academy offers heaters and electric blankets.


Wifi is provided throughout the Academy, and is accessible from all dorms.

Note: Some western sites (i.e Google, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are blocked by Chinese government, so a VPN would be required should you need to access websites such as this – this is not provided by the Academy.

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Aircondition and Heating

public AC

The aircondition units are located in the hall for shared use with 6 rooms per hall

We do our best to keep the training cost so many people have the opportunity to stay and study here. Therefor we kindly ask the students to follow the guidelines for the use of the airconditions given months and times.


Timings : Monday to Friday 11.30-15.30 18-05

Saturday to Sunday: if students are in the room they may use the air-condition

If the students want to use the aircondtion outside of the alocated months and hours the dorm is subdue to pay a electricity bill of 100 usd this has to be paid up front every 30 days of use

There is also a heater radiator in every supplied from our local boiler

To keep the coldest months at bay, it will be running through


The months leading up to this can get a bit chilly, so we advise if staying in these months, you bring your own warm clothing

Showers and washing rooms

The washrooms have male and female separation. Each one consists of western toilets, private shower cabins and washing machines. The school uses sun-heated water for showers, and with our new expansion of showers to the training hall there should be plenty of hot water for convenience of the students.

Personal hygiene supplies such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo and washing powder can be bought from the nearby cities, you can read more about what to do in the area in the Academy Surroundings and Freetime section

Academy Facilities and Services

We strive to improve, always


IMG 0027

To help students know more about chinese culture and adapted to chinese life , we offer lessons about chinese culture from Monday to Thursday evening for free, including mandern, kungfu theory, general Knowledge about chinese culture(chinese medicine, calligraphy, tea ceremony, and chinese chess) . It’s optional for students to attend the lesson and the lesson schedule is not fixed(apart from mandarin, which was on every Monday and Tuesday), students will be informed in advance. Manderin, tea ceremony will be given by translators). Chinese chess and Kungfu theory will be given by masters. chinese medicine lesson will be given by chinese doctor. some public-used chinese chess, writing brushs for calligraphy and some book about chinese culture are always kept in classroom. If anyone have interests in these, is always welcomed to use them.

Meditation room

Our meditation room is open publicly for the students who want do meditation out of lesson. Our Academy pay attention to internal cultivation as well, hope Meditation can bring a peaceful state of mind to you as well as develop the brains’ unlimited potential and energy.


Academy shop

school store

In addition to normal training equipment, shoes and clothing, the academy offers some everyday items, such as food, drinks

Students can buy items from the shop with cash, or make a bill that has to be paid every Friday during the student meeting

Tea room

The tea room is where you can come sit soft and relax.

It is the place to read a book or watch a movie.

If you are in thee mood it is also a gathering place to have a quiet conversation or play a game with your fellow students.

teaand movie room

Dining hall

The dining hall is where we come together three times a day to get fueled up for training.

Outside of dinnertimes, the space can be used as a free room, like the tea room, for every entertainment, be it games, movies, casual conversation or relaxation.

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