The blockbuster success of an American animated movie that’s set in ancient China, highlights Chinese culture, mythology and architecture and stars a kung fu fighting panda. “Kung Fu Panda” follows a slacker panda named Po, who works in his father’s noodle shop and eventually fulfils his dream of becoming a kung fu fighter. Viewers here have praised Hollywood’s ability to nail the cultural elements of the film so accurately, from the martial arts scenes to its depiction of family expectations and how the ancients were believed to pass into the afterlife. One of the most praised concepts of the Kung Fu Panda franchise (particularly the films) is its faithfulness to Chinese culture. It’s done this in a number of ways: landscape, architecture, music, food, clothing, decoration, weapons, character backgrounds, and (of course) martial arts. There’s probably more and more and more, but that covers a good majority.

But why is Chinese culture so popular in the world? What’s the fascination? There is no specific answer for sure, but part of the reason is because it’s different. Sure, every culture is different in some way, right? But there’s just something so unique about the Chinese way of living that makes it stand out so much from the rest of the world’s cultures.

China is a civilization with a history of 5000, Chinese culture is rich and colorful, the main image design including the dragon, turtle and panda, and has a strong Chinese art performance in kung fu Panda. This film treat panda as leading role bear the lazy character, round shape lifelike. In the film, golden monkey, the snake spirit, mantis, dumpling tiger, cranes are used for the five image personified as tigers and monkeys, snakes, mantis crane to express, and these roles are more representative of different cultures show different modelling design. The dragon is the symbol of hero in Chinese myths, it represents the national temperament of the Chinese nation, Po who is the dragon warrior is also the Chinese cultural interpretation. The tortoise in Chinese culture is associated with longer life and wisdom, master Wugui is the representative of the wise and the word he said contain with Chinese Taoist thought.

Clothing and props also embodies the Chinese culture, the cloth- shoes which wear by Po is classic; the master Wugui is wearing robes of Buddhism; the teacher raccoon is wearing a dress of Taoism in china; the tiger is wearing uniforms of Kung fu in China; Cranes as the custodian of the big five, he was wearing a hat and belt on the leg means that he study hard and it is the image of Chinese martial arts, each person’s clothing is contains with Chinese cultural background. In terms of props, knives, spears, clubs, chopsticks, noodles and dumplings used by characters is the traditional Chinese which are close to the Chinese people’s daily, it is these lifelike characters with Chinese temperament are popular with the people of the world.
Animation scene is a scene of animation role performance, animation scene not only provide the place of performance for animated characters but also have the effect to foil atmosphere, and reaction time background, animation scene is the product of animation designers through the art processing, different animation background response of different regional style. The architectural has a strong Chinese style in kung fu Panda, emerald palace which is the important scenes in the film hide in the mountains like a fairyland, this location is the same with Chinese temples which on the top of a high or scenic mountainside, that embodies the Taoist culture of quietism. The appearance of the emerald palace is same with the palace of China which is golden glazed tile, bright red big pillars and Windows with distinctive features, that reflects the style of Chinese classical architecture, the internal decoration of emerald palace based on five phases reflects the magnificent palace in ancient china. Another important scene which named Peace Valley that buildings like the ancient Chinese architecture, the other building such as temple, memorial arch, palace will be take the western audiences into china’s ecological environment.

The animation image in kung fu Panda contains the cultural symbol of China, the men whose kung-fu in best will be named dragon warrior. In Chinese mythology, the dragon can can make clouds and bring them rain and protect people was given authority, the ancient emperors called themselves the real dragons. emerald palace which in the films has a statue of the dragon, the dragon is one of the most cultural symbol of Chinese national characteristics, Chinese cultural are well reflected in the kung fu Panda. In western culture, the lion is the king of the beasts which reflected in the cartoon The Lion King, but the tiger is the king of beasts in the Oriental culture, the tiger shows wisdom and brave when protection the and also shows the director of China’s cultural identity. The five masters whose name is golden monkey, snake spirit, mantis, dumpling tiger represents the five types of Chinese pictographic boxing and five characters embody the different personality, those roles fighting bad guys for the peace of Peace Valley ,it is reflected the Chinese chivalry culture and accordance with Chinese character recognition of these roles.

Chinese culture and the Taoist culture is also reflected in the film, the Wugui who is the representative figure of Buddha left a deep impression to the audience because his witty language and full of philosophical discourse. Master’s word embodies the Chinese philosophy about causal metempsychosis and decreed by fate. For example, master turtle said: “there is no coincidence.” Which means you can’t resist the development of things because its cause and effect, at the same time the tortoise master emphasized the power of faith, this is consistent with the theory advocated by the Chinese Culture. Taoist culture which reflected in the film is the another representative of the Chinese culture, Such as the Po see the master raccoons control of water droplets as he wish and asked him how to do it, the master raccoons said: “as long as could be peace of mind, inner peace is the most beautiful realm in the world.” This sentence reflects the Taoist nature and conform to the state of nature. In addition to this, the Chinese diet culture, festival culture also show incisively and vividly in the film, such as celebrations of master Wugui selected the dragon warrior.

Chinese culture is the precious wealth accumulated by Chinese people through thousands of years, it is the spirit of the Chinese nation which is still dominant the daily life of Chinese people. In today’s globalization, western civilization has already begun to shift attention to the exploration of Chinese culture and make these cultural resources into commercial interests. Compared with Chinese people who live in such a rich cultural atmosphere has a relatively weak consciousness on use of cultural resources, China should carry forward the essence of Chinese culture.

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