Heartfelt Thanks

Hi! My name is Michela (one month training in August 2015) and I want to tell you my story with the Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy.

I’m an Italian girl and since I was very little I loved martial arts. My dream was to go where martial arts developed, China, and train in a great academy like a shaolin master. But I’m gonna say the truth: unluckly I did not have the money to realize this dream. But I kept searching because no matter what, deep in my heart, I knew that I would find a way. So I kept looking for an academy in China and I kept to have faith.

I wanted to study somewhere near mountains, far from the chaotic cities, and surrounded by the quiet sounds of the nature. Three years ago I found the perfect place. Tianmeng was the academy I was looking for. It was more than a school. To me it was the perfect environment where to study martial arts in total harmony with nature.

But even though the sacrifice I made I still didn’t get enough money to go there… One day, at the beginning of summer, I decided to contact David, the manager of the Academy; so I wrote an email telling him the facts honestly and at the end of that email I said something like “I don’t have the money now, but to me coming to your academy would be a dream come true… Could I pay my fee working for you for the whole time I’ll stay at the academy? ” He said “If you get five people here, you can come and train for a month without paying the fee”.

I was in the second-last year of high school at that time so I had only the summer holiday months free to make this trip. In other words the only chance I had was to leave in August. Despite all the things I’ve done, after two months I was able to only get one person. But David, let me go anyway. He called me sister telling me that we are a big family and said that they knew I was working hard and they have trust in me. Even though i didn’t reach the goal he said I was welcome. He let me go and train putting so much trust in me without even knowing me!

During my stay in China I found another person, but after that, the second one, nothing more. I haven’t found the three person left, but about a week ago, thanks to the jobs I did, I finally repaid my debt.

Why am I telling you this? To make you truly understand how great Tianmeng Academy is. They put this blind trust in me and waited patiently with deep faith and confidence that one day I would have been able to pay my debt, but more important they gave me an incredible opportunity.

Staying at the academy was one of the best experiences of my life. I will always be deeply grateful to them. I learned so many things I don’t even know where to start. I left a piece of my heart at Tianmeng and I’ll definetly take care of all those amazing experiences like a treasure, for all my life.


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