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Senven Breath Ways in Qi (Chi)Gong

Contributor: David zhou,the president of Tianmeng kungfu Academy, the 18th generation of Meihua Fist, has been practiced Meihua fist for more than 20 years,do a lot of study on Meihua Fist.

Qi(Chi), the internal energy, is also the name of breath, to lead and use Qi is just to regulate the breath. Taoist name it,”dao yin tu na”. Buddha name it “lian qi xing dong”. Confucian name it “hao ran zhi qi”. We can breathe by both nose and mouth. According to first lesson, we name it soft fire by nose, and fierce fire by mouth. Plum blossoming sect think that breath by nose has more benefit.

The procedure is, you need to face to the sun every morning by standing posture. Open eyes a little bit, focus on Dantian acupoint, breath in by nose, move Qi downward to the arch of feet and to the Baihui acupoint. More practice of In and out of hands, forward and backward of the feet, spin of the body, up and down, open and close, harmonize all the parts of your body. Practice to be skillful and then your body will be flexible, feet and hands are harmonious, step forward and backward fast, beat more accurately. Do remember, regulate your Qi slowly, but use your Qi fiercely. Twist your body, roll your hands, punch rapidly, move as fast as you can. All of above just requires a skillful breath.

There are seven ways to Chi Kung breath, also the Chi Kung period from basic to skillful.These sever methods are: Ⅰ Natural breath; Ⅱ Yin Yang circle (small circulation) Ⅲ Yin Yang circle(big circulation) Ⅳ Regular breath Ⅴ Throat breath Ⅵ Holding breathing Ⅶ Inner breath

Natural breath, you need to breathe in by nose. Open your mouth a little bit, touch the up and down teeth gently, touch your upper jaw by your tongue . When you breathe in, the belly becomes big. When you breathe out, close your mouse fully, touch your lower jaw by your tongue, and also the belly becomes small. Practice in this way at least half an hour per day. You can start from 3-5 minutes and then to 30 minutes at last.

All the rest ways require half an hour per day. The Natural breath need 30 days to go. In this way, you could strengthen your power, keep high spirits, increase your lung capacity.

Yin Yang circle means, you move your Qi around your upper body which is also called backward breath. Because the belly change in a opposite way compared with the natural breath. But you still breathe in by your nose. When you breathe in, use your mind to lead your Qi to circle in your upper body. Lead your Qi to go down from the head to chest and to the Dantian Acupoint. When you breathe out lead the Qi from Dantian to Weizhui, and then from jizhui to your brain. Pull up your anus. If you are in a standing posture, grip the ground by your toes in order to lead your Qi up. Small circulation costs 90 days to go, in this way you can heal your lung disease, stomachache, heart disease, asthma and lower your blood pressure also.

Big circulation, you need to move your Qi in your whole body. breathe in by nose and breathe out by mouth. Belly becomes big when you breathe in, lead your Qi go down from head to chest, Dantian and Yongquan (arch of the foot)at last. When you breathe out, lead your Qi from Yongquan to Weizhui, Jizhui , neck and to chest. Pull up your anus also. Grip the group when you are standing. Big circulation needs 180 days to go. Have the same effect with the small circulation and improve the nervous system at the same time.

Regular breath, almost the same as natural breath, but requires deeper breath. Regular breath is in order to balance the inner organs. This breath needs 60 days to practice. It could heal your digestion and breathe disease.

Throat breath means you need to try to open your throat as possible as you can, this way of breath is the same as the Small and Big circulation, but move your Qi around your whole body. This requires 90 days, and will strengthen all your organs.

Holding breath. You need to hold your breath for several seconds after breath in or breath out. Also for people who practice swimming. Take a deep breath, and breath out in the pool. In this way, you could improve the lung function.

Inner breath needs to breathe in by nose. Belly becomes small when you breathe and becomes big when you breathe out. We call it inner breath is because when we breath we can’t hear the sound of the breath, just like we didn’t breathe. And we also could call it True breath or placenta breath which means like a baby breathe in the mom’s cervix. Baby breathe in placenta by navel instead of mouth. When you breathe in, lead your Qi from Yongquan to Weizhui, and then from Jizhui to brain. While breating out, lead Qi from Baihui to Dantian, Huiyin and Yongquan. It needs 300 days. In this way, you will improve your Qi level, so you can use your Qi at any time to heal disease and live longer.

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