Training at Tianmeng

The training schedule covers the external and internal styles of Kung Fu. In every Kung Fu style, there is Yin and Yang and each practitioner has to find a balance in his training. The below two schedules are example schedules of training provided by our current two Masters, however, both are subject to seasonal change.

The styles included in the schedules below are Shaolin Quan, Wing Chun, Meihua Quan, Sanda, Tai Chi, Hard & Soft Qi Gong, Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, Baji, Wudang Kung Fu and Animal Styles (e.g. Mantis). If discussed in advance with the masters we are happy to adjust the schedule, be it due to health issues/constraints of the student, or a passion for focusing and learning only one style.

The main part of these programs focusses on a combination of forms and techniques in styles as Shaolin Quan, Meihua Quan, Wing Chun, Sanda, Hard & Soft Qi Gong and Animal Styles. Forms are not only practised as a form, but also trained alongside applicable techniques in each style.

The Sanda curriculum ranges from basic kicks & punches, to pad training, takedowns & sparring techniques.

The Power Training & Hard Qi Gong are aimed at improving body strength, resistance and physical conditioning of the students – The following is an example.

  Power Training – Weight Lifting, Legs, Back, Biceps, Chest, Triceps, Sit-ups, Push-ups etc.

  Hard Qi Gong – Brick Breaking with hand, elbow, knee, head etc. for conditioning of the Iron Body, such as iron hands, iron head, etc.

The external styles of Kung Fu work on:

  • Body Strengthening
  • Internal & External Energy
  • High flexibility & acrobatic ability
  • Stamina
  • Competition orientated students
  • Grading systems

For thousands of years’ Chinese ancestors have discovered the secret to a long and healthy life and passed this down from master to disciple. The fundamental principle of life cultivation is to develop universal harmony by using a balanced approach. The human body should be in perfect balance of intake and outflow, activity and rest, sleep and wakefulness.

The internal styles of Kung Fu focus on:

  • Health Condition and Longevity
  • Body Relaxation and Flexibility
  • Body Fitness
  • Concentration
  • Inner Peace
  • Martial Arts Applications
  • Cultivating and focusing of “Chi”(internal energy)

Training equipments

  • Two Indoor Training Hall(One is small, around 45 Square meters, for winter meditation; Another one is 400 Square meters, for training ).
  • outdoor training space
  • Traditional Power Training Equipment
  • Bench Press
  • Mats & Suitable floor surface for rolls, flips & acrobatics
  • Pads, gloves and body protectors
  • Different types of weapons as staffs, swords, spears, training knives, kwan dao, liang jie gun and others
  • Meihua Poles of varying heights, as well as wooden poles suitable for stretching and hard qigong
  • Two Wing Chun dummies
  • Bricks, Stones, marble, staffs & paddles for breaking/body conditioning
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