Academy payment plan:

  • There is always a non-refundable application fee of 100 USD to be paid in advance before arriving, which is not included in the payment plan below.
  • If you wish to stay less than a month, the price is 30 USD per day. Pick up and drop off are free of charge only for a stay of more than a week. Otherwise, pick up and drop off fee will be an additional 89 USD total for less than 7 days.
  • The school fee is due in the first week after arriving and can be in USD by cash or bank transfer.
  • Normal price is 738 USD per month if paid monthly. If paid in advance, there are discounts available according to the payment plan below.
  • Discounts are available for study longer than a year. The price for the first year is 5369 USD, for the second year is 5169 USD, for the third year is 4888USD.
Pricing for stay at the academy
Normal price for a one month stayLength of stay at the AcademyPrice per month if paid in advance (USD)Total price if paid in advance (USD)
7801 month738738
2 months7181456
3 months6982154
4 months6782832
5 months6583490
6 months6384128
7 months6284756
8 months6135369
9 monthsFREE5369
10 monthsFREE5369
11 monthsFREE5369
12 monthsFREE5369

The Academy fee includes:

  • Up to 7 hours training per day (5 days a week ) under the supervision of certified Masters, using all training facilities of the Academy as training salons, equipment and weapons
  • English translator
  • Accommodation: single room with fan ,air-conditioner(Public in dorm) for the summer and heater for the winter.
  • Hot showers, western toilets, washing machines.
  • 3 hot meals per day
  • Unlimited WiFi internet connection, as well as the use of  desktop computers in the office of the Academy.
  • VIP access to “The Nature and water park”, which is on 10 min walking distance of the Academy. Beautiful and inspiring place for training and chilling during the weekends.

Bank details

Bank details for application or academy fees:

Account Name: Dong Xinbei ( Note: the account name should be Dong Xinbei, not Xinbei Dong, if you write Xinbei Dong, we can not get your money )
Account No.: 6217856000062088785
Postcode:  273400
The Account Holder’s Address: Tanyi, Feixian, Linyi, Shandong, China

Western Union details

Western Union details for application or academy fees

Receiver: Shengwei Zhou ( Note: Given name is Shengwei, Surname/Family name is Zhou)
Address of receiver: 8 Haolou 1 Danyuan 202 Shi, Lingyuanqianjie 7 Hao, Lanshanqu, Linyi, Shandong, China
City: Feixian Province : Shandong
Post code:273400
Bank name: Agricultural Bank of China Feixian Branch
Receiver account number: 622848 1828 2631 01878
Receiver mobile number: +86-139-699-59286

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