Senven Breath Ways in Qi (Chi)Gong

Contributor: David zhou,the president of Tianmeng kungfu Academy, the 18th generation of Meihua Fist, has been practiced Meihua fist for more than 20 years,do a lot of study on Meihua Fist.

Qi(Chi), the internal energy, is also the name of breath, to lead and use Qi is just to regulate the breath. Taoist name it,”dao yin tu na”. Buddha name it “lian qi xing dong”. Confucian name it “hao ran zhi qi”. We can breathe by both nose and mouth. According to first lesson, we name it soft fire by nose, and fierce fire by mouth. Plum blossoming sect think that breath by nose has more benefit. Continue reading “Senven Breath Ways in Qi (Chi)Gong” »